I’m new to blogging and thought it would be fun to start one. I love to take pictures with my Nikon L120 camera and I’d like to show them off for lots of people to see. My favorite things to snap pictures of are nature and animals. If you would like to give me a photo prompt for a photo idea please challenge me. If I can find it in NW Ohio. All my photos can be viewed on my home page.

I recently discovered the Sketchbook Project and will be starting it soon and I will share my work with you all.  Click the My sketchbook project tab at the top of the page to view my work.

The Sketchbook Project website is here…

I’m not sure what else to add so you know more about me. I’m still trying to figure out this site and how to add to each page. Please, feel free to comment on any of my posts and click LIKE if you like.

Check out my artwork page and see my creations. Just click the My artwork tab at the top of my page. I add them as I finish them. I make them for my swap-bot partners.

Here is my swap-bot link…

I hope you like my blog and if so please follow me so you can get wordpress notifications or sign up to receive emails every time I make a post.



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