A good day for a bike ride

   We went on a bike ride today. My husband, 2 youngest kids and I. The boys sat in the trailer. Image

   Rode uptown and made a stop at the post office to mail an envelope with 2 books in it, then we stopped at the library because my 8 year old had to go to the restroom. While we were there we registered him for the SummerRead program.

 They traced their hand on the wall and Sam wrote their name in each hand. 



  After we were done there we was heading down the sidewalk and I asked if we should go to my mother’s house? He said “Okay” but then I said “or Arby’s”. I love their milkshakes. I wanted to try their triple berry milkshake that is only available for a limited time. So, we stopped at Arby’s. We all got a triple berry milkshake. I had to take a picture of my yummy milkshake. After all, I like taking pictures. The boys got a small one.


   Here it is…drum roll…

Here it is edited. I think you know how I liked it. ~grin~

When we were done we headed to my mother’s house. She wasn’t home so we headed home and this is what the husband did.
He probably slept for a good 1 hr. and 1/2. Then we had round steak and hot dogs on the grill, corn and macaroni and cheese. Nope, I didn’t take a picture of supper. ~grin~Image

We had fun.


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