It rained today and don’t know if that is the reason the toad was spotted on our sidewalk. He was camouflaged well because our cat went outside and walked right past it. Didn’t even see it. I’m sure if she would of seen the toad she would of played with it and probably ended up killing. She has chased rabbits, birds and squirrels because that is what cats do. 






2 thoughts on “toad

  1. When I was in granny`s house and was busy with garden job I met little toad and was wondering if it is alone, but in several minutes there was a big one – suppose it was mom-toad! 🙂
    And yes, the cat of my granny always kills toads and mouses and brings them to granny as a present! Brrrr! Awful!

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    • Toads are so ugly but I don’t see them very often. I had to take his picture.

      Cats are silly. I guess they think they need to be rewarded. She has brought a baby bunny to the back door before. I have another cat that killed a mouse in the house and put it at the top of the steps. I almost stepped on it. Ewwww.

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